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We receive many phone calls each day with questions about the Ionic Body Balancer™.  Answers to our most frequently asked questions appear below.

If you need additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can be reached by telephone at 855-629-3869 or via email at You can reach Michael Horton, the inventor of this product, directly at 520-219-2550.


Ordering and Shipping

1) You can place an order online at any time through our "Buy Now" page. You can use a debit/credit card OR a Paypal account to pay for your order.

2) Call us Monday- Friday (9am-7pm PST) on our toll-free number (US and Canada only): 855-MAX-DTOX (855-629-3869).

3)If you would like to pay for your order using Paypal, we can invoice you directly through Paypal. Simply give us a call or send us an email to with the items you would like to order and your paypal email address. Please note that ordering through Paypal invoice usually takes an additional 2-3 business days for us to process.

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We ship 80% of our orders through USPS Priority Mail Service. The other 20% of our shipping goes through UPS Ground (Ultra Pro Systems ONLY). Generally, you can expect your order to arrive about 4-7 business days (within the US) after we receive your order. International orders can take 9-15 days to arrive, depending on the speed of the customs process, and how quickly we can process your order once payment is received. We try to ship all of our orders on the same or next business day regardless of destination.

For a quick estimate on shipping times, you can visit (for shipping on domestic Ultra Pro systems only), and click on "Estimate Time and Cost." Enter your zip code, as well as ours (85704), and it will provide you with a list of shipping options from UPS. We use UPS Ground. Shipping weight on the Ultra Pro system is 13 pounds.

For smaller and/or international orders, visit You will need our zip code (85704), as well as your shipping zip code. For international orders, only the country name is required.

If you have specific questions about your shipment, please email or call our Operations Manager, Jessica. Her direct line is 520-329-8449, and can be reached by email at Please include your name, an approximate purchase date and method of purchase (Paypal invoice, eBay, web order, telephone sale, etc) to make it easier for us to find your order.

Yes, we ship internationally. You may need to contact us directly for a shipping quote.

This system was designed for the North American power grid, which operates on 120 volts. To use this system in a country outside of North America, you WILL need an alternate controller unit (we will provide you with one) OR a step-down transformer. Using this system with our North American controller unit without a step-down transformer outside of North America voids the two-year warranty. The controller unit will short immediately and will essentially be nothing more than a 10-pound paperweight.

If you live outside of North America, we may be able to provide an alternate controller unit that is compatible with your power grid. (Please be advised that you will receive your order in two shipments using this method.) This eliminates the need for a transformer. We feel this is a safer and ultimately simpler set-up.

Don't know the voltage of your country's power grid? You can find it listed at: Electricity Around the World. There are a handful of countries that also use 120 volts, such as Japan and Venezuela.

Anytime we process an order for shipping, we automatically send tracking information to each customer via email. Sometimes this tracking information ends up in "junk" or "spam" folders. If the email did not come through and you would like tracking information on your shipment, please call us (855-MAX-DTOX) or email us (, and we'll be happy to re-send the tracking information for your order.

If you do not provide us with an email address at the time of purchase, please call us, and we'll be happy to look up the tracking information for your shipment over the phone.

We do not offer an affiliate program, but we DO offer a dealer program. Our dealer program does not have any minimum sales or order quotas. Many of our dealers sell a few systems a year to help cover other expenses, but we do have dealers who sell our systems in their small businesses. You can download a copy of our dealer application (with full terms) here. Our dealers enjoy wholesale prices that are 30%-50% off of our retail prices.


Using the Ionic Body Balancer

Yes, tap water is fine. Hard water does not affect the detox process. (Here at the home of the Ionic Body Balancer™, we only use warm/hot tap water straight from our bathtub. We have very hard water and have found that hard water does not affect the detoxification process.) However, if you have a water softening system in your house, you will need LESS salt. Water softening systems add sodium (salt) to your water to negate the effects of other minerals in the water.

If you have a water softening system, or if your local water company adds salt to the water supply, you may find it helpful to keep a bottle of distilled water on-hand to reduce the salinity of your foot bath water. You will need to heat the water prior to adding it to your foot bath. You can contact the manufacturer of your water softening system if you have questions about the amount of salt that has been added to your water. Due to the wide variability in these systems, we are unable to answer any specific questions about any water softening system you may have installed in your home or workplace.

If you live in the U.S., you can find information about your local water supply on the EPA's website.

We recommend starting with 1 teaspoon of salt (if you are using sea salt). If you have a tingling sensation around your ankles when you turn on the machine, you need to turn off the unit, remove some of the water, and replace it with fresh (warm/hot) water to reduce the salinity of the water. If you do not see any bubbling action around the array after approximately 10 seconds, add another 1/2 teaspoon of salt. It may be necessary to add additional salt throughout the treatment to keep the reaction going.

You can use ANY kind of salt you wish. Table salt is perfectly acceptable. A word of caution: due to variability in the size of different types of salt (sea salt is a physically larger grain than table salt), you may need to add LESS salt if you are using table salt. If you are using table salt, start with 1/4 teaspoon .

Due to variability in local water supplies, as well as each person's sensitivity to the Ionic Body Balancer™, more or less salt may be necessary. Salt is required for the detoxification process to happen - salt is what drives the chemical reaction in the foot spa water that creates the ions in the water.

*** If you are going through power supplies like toilet paper, decrease the amount of salt that you are using. Too much salt over many treatments can create a drain on the power supply and cause it to short out.

Everyone will detox at different rates. At the end of your treatment, the total amount of "gunk" in your foot spa water is only about 10% of the total detox that your body will undergo. About 90% of the detox you will experience happens inside your body.

The Ionic Body Balancer™ kick-starts your lymphatic system, which ultimately empties into your Excretory System. (The function of your lymph and lower GI tract is to rid the body of waste.) Because of this, you may feel the effects of the detox system for several days following each treatment. However, each person is different; some people will not experience any side-effects, while others will.

If you are using the Ionic Body Balancer™ every day, be sure to supplement your increased water intake with a good electrolyte mix, such as Emergen-C.

If you are having healing reactions (search:Herxheimer Effect), cut back your use of the Ionic Body Balancer™ to every other day, twice per week, or once per week until your reactions have subsided. There is a good article on the Herxheimer Effect here. The clinic that published this article specializes in treatment for Lyme Disease, but the Herxheimer Effect applies to many different types of illness and both healing and detox in general.

This is the same principle as taking many doses of an antibiotic over a period of time, versus swallowing one really big pill; as bacteria and the other "bad guys" in your body die and are otherwise eliminated, they can give off chemicals and other materials that are toxic to us (this is how many infectious-based neurotoxins work, at a very basic level). If you kill too many bacteria and other parasites at once, you are likely to feel worse than you did at the start!! By working on the problem slowly and steadily, you are less likely to experience the headaches, fatigue, joint pain, and other symptoms. It also guarantees that everything you are seeking to rid your body of will be eliminated.

That said, to fully detoxify your body, you must also eliminate any potential toxins from your diet and living environment. That includes (but is not limited to) smoke, diet (meat treated with antibiotics, steroids, etc., chemical preservatives and additives, artificial sweeteners, etc.), poor quality water, unnecessary medications, and bad stress. Good stress is having to work to pay your mortgage or to save for a vacation. Bad stress is allowing a micro-managing supervisor drive you nuts!

Some people will experience detox in stages. What does this mean? For an individual with arthritis, the first signs of relief may come from decreased arthritis pain. After using the system for a few weeks, this individual may start to see more brown in their water, rather than orange (arthritis). Perhaps this person used to smoke half a pack of cigarettes per day for several years, but has been smoke-free for many years. Why didn't the brown (lungs) show up at the same time? The body had more pressing issues to resolve.

The table below is widely available on the internet, used by many different companies who manufacture similar, yet less effective, systems. The chart is accurate for any detox foot bath that utilizes water ionization. If you have previously purchased a system from one of our competitors and have yet to see these colors in your foot spa water, try our system. You may be surprised at what you see!

color chart

We regularly receive phone calls and emails asking why there is still color change in the foot spa water after it is run by itself; the reason for this has to do with the laws of Thermodynamics.

When energy is set into motion (turning the system on), it has no choice but to continue in that movement, until an outside force is acted upon it, causing the energy to cease (turning the system off). While that energy is in motion, it must do something. What does it do? Pulls all of the minerals that may be in your water (or salt, if it has been added), from suspension in the water. The resulting color change is a light orange color. However, if you dip your finger (or a rag) in this water, nothing will stick to it. Try the same thing after you've had your feet in the water, and your finger (or rag) will be pretty effectively coated in muck. If you are using a rag, it will continue to be stained, no matter how many times you may wash it.

There is too much salt in your foot bath water. If you have a tingling sensation around your ankles when you turn on the machine, you need to turn off the unit, remove some of the water, and replace it with fresh (warm/hot) water to reduce the salinity of the water. If you do not see any bubbling action around the array after approximately 10 seconds, add another 1/2 teaspoon of salt.

Some people are more sensitive to the current in the water than others. If you are one of these lucky ones, shake in salt a little bit at a time until there is some fizzing at the array. You can always add more salt throughout your session as needed.

During the detoxification process, some people will leech acid into the foot spa water (especially during your first 10-15 treatments). The body's natural pH should be slightly alkaline to fight infections and toxins most effectively. (In chemistry, 'alkaline' means 'cool and slow,' whereas 'acid' means 'hot and fast.' You can compare an acidic car battery, which needs to run hot and fast to start your car, to an alkaline battery in your TV remote control, which you would want to stay cool, and run for a long time.)

However, some toxins and disease can cause our body to become more acidic. The acidity that is released into the foot bath water is being released by your body as part of the detoxification process. (Please note that the absence of this rash is not necessarily a sign that the Ionic Body Balancer has failed to work. Each person will detoxify differently.)

If you do get this rash, be sure to wash your feet thoroughly with soap and warm water after each treatment. You can also gently rub baking soda (which is an alkaline) on the affected area to help neutralize the rash, and then rinse the area well. If the rash becomes itchy, you can try applying calamine lotion. Appearance of this rash does not mean you should stop treatments. If it makes you uncomfortable to continue treatments, then wait a few days before resuming. Appearance of this rash can be a good thing- it means that the detox treatments are working. However, our goal is to reduce pain and discomfort- not add to it!!


Care and Maintenance

During a treatment, one side of the array acts like an anode, and the other as a cathode. Therefore, one side of the array will actually lose material to the other side over time (this process is also known as electroplating). You may see "pitting" of the bars on each array, on one side only. The "pitting" that you see is where the anode side is losing material to the cathode side of the array.

Eventually, this is why the entire array will need to be replaced. Our 10th generation array is designed to withstand this phenomenon and extend the life of the array and Turbo Plates by allowing the user to replace parts in less than five minutes without tools. For step-by-step directions on this process, click here.

Please check your user manual (pg 12, under "Following the Treatment," if your user manual does NOT have a Table of Contents) or click here for step-by-step photo directions.

***** Do NOT use a toothbrush, wire brush, Q-tips, or any other sort of instruments to clean your array. You do NOT need to take your array apart to clean it. If you have questions about this, take a look at our step-by-step photo directions, or call us toll-free at 855-629-3869 (855-MAX-DTOX).

Your array should last approximately 75 treatments. There are two changes to watch for when determining how long to wait before ordering a new array. First, one side of the array will lose material to the other side. One side of the array will turn a whiteish hue, while the other side will turn black. The other obvious change is that the bars and plates will lose their sharp angles- every edge on the array will become more rounded, compared to when it was new.

You can extend the life of your entire array by switching the gold plugs at the level of the power supply every other treatment. The gold plugs on your array cable are marked with either a red band, or a black band. These correspond to the red and black plugs on your power unit. (Treatment #1, red-red, black-black; Treatment #2, red-black, red-black; Treatment #3, red-red, black-black, etc.)

There is not a single part of your array that really cares what type of energy it is receiving. We use the same batch of Turbo Plates for both sides of the array; all our cables come off the same spool of wire, and all of our steel bars are made exactly the same way. The metal parts and insulators in our arrays don't know the difference between positive and negative current- it is completely safe to plug a gold plug labeled as "red" into the "black" plug on the power unit, due to the design of our array.

The ionizer plates are part of the array. They can be easily replaced after about 40 treatments, and cost $20 (one plate) with free shipping, within the lower 48 United States.

Turbo Plate

You can order new Turbo Plates (ionizer plates) on our website.

You will only need to replace a single plate, since only one side of the array will deteriorate.

bad array

Replacing only a 'bad' Turbo Plate will extend the life of your array by an additional ~35-40 treatments (totaling about 75 treatments). Once the steel bars deteriorate, you will need to replace the entire array.

Step-by-step directions with photos are available on our website, here.
Step-by-step directions with photos are available on our website, here.

Yes. We offer a two-year warranty on controller units against defective materials and workmanship, as well as normal wear and tear.

Due to abuse of our warranty program on arrays and cables, we no long offer warranty coverage against normal wear and tear. We do still offer warranty coverage against defective materials or assembly errors.

If you are having a problem with your Ionic Body Balancer, the easiest way to start a warranty claim is to call us (855-MAX-DTOX/855-629-3869). We may ask you to email us photos of your array, cables, or controller unit. This helps to streamline the process, as we can usually troubleshoot most problems with photos and a telephone conversation with the customer.

If we are unable to resolve your problem over the phone or by email, we may ask you to send your unit in for testing. We do need you to include a note with a brief description of the problem, your name (or the name that was used to place the order, if they are different), current shipping address, and some means of contacting you. Sometimes we find that one part of your system needs replacement but is not covered under warranty (like cables that have been submerged under water), and if we can get in touch with you before we send your unit back, we can take an order for new parts over the phone and install them for you before we send your unit back.

We do not pay for you to ship the unit back to us, but we do pay the return shipping to get your unit back to you. We do not use RMA's; our customer records are sorted by customer name, not customer number.

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