How Does It Work?

Your Ionic Body Balancer session combines water, salt and a small electrical current to produce negatively charged ionic energy that cleanses at the cellular level, charges up the cells like tiny batteries, and promotes healing through the detoxification of free radicals and toxins to promote healing.

reflexology points

This process starts with the deconstruction of a small amount of water into its base elements of hydrogen and oxygen by the process of electrolysis. This creates negatively charged ionic energy, hence the phrase, “negative ions.” This energy is pulled into the body by its energy meridians at their terminus points, which are also known as reflexology or acupressure points on the bottom of the feet, or the palms of the hands (YES, you can use hands as well!) That negatively charged energy travels throughout the body via the energy meridians. Think of them as power lines.

This is analog energy, which is the type of energy the body produces through chemical reactions at the cellular level. The energy from the water is distributed throughout the body. That negatively charged energy breaks the positive energy bond that toxins and free radicals use to attach themselves in our tissues. They float free, and are flushed out of the body by the lymphatic system through the bodily excretory systems over the next 24-48 hours.

The analog energy also cleanses and stimulates the lymphatic system so it can flow freely and efficiently drain the toxins from your body.

About positive Ions…

Some companies claim that their machine can produce both positive and negative ions.  The basic physics and basic chemistry of this technology can ONLY produce negative ions, NOT POSITIVE IONS. When they make this claim, they are talking about switching which part of the array received negative current, and which part received positive current. The side of the array which receives negative current, pulls material from the part that receives positive current, just like the process of electroplating. They need to switch that current because they have a very small amount of metal mass, generally about one to two ounces, inside their array. Our ionizing array contains about 2 pounds of metal mass. Again, it is impossible for this technology to produce positive ions due to the electrical structure of the hydrogen and oxygen that comprise the water. Those companies make the negative/positive ion claim for two reasons: 1) to hide the fact that they have such a small amount of metal in their arrays, and 2) to turn that deficiency around to make it sound like their machines do something other machines do not, when in fact those claims are impossible given how this technology works.

Electrical current produces ions based on the raw chemical materials of whatever molecule is being electrically charged. For example, magnesium has a positive charge once it is in an ionic state. Sodium has a positive charge, while chlorine has a negative charge; combined as sodium chlorine (table salt), the charge is neutral. The ionic charge of sodium molecules CANNOT be changed by simply flipping a switch on an electrical device.

Your immune system requires T-Cells for health. The more toxins in your Lymph System, the less T-Cell production can take place in it. The lower the T-Cell production, the weaker your immune system becomes and the easier you become ill.

If your lymphatic system becomes clogged and cannot drain these toxins, your immune system will be weakened to the point where you become more susceptible to constant illness because T-cell production has been impaired or compromised.

Do you have tenderness on the outside of your ribs ?

Do you have lump(s) in the groin area or arm pits?

Do you have tenderness in your neck under your jaw?

You might already be making excuses for illness that sound like this: “I caught a cold, flu or this or that from someone at the office, work or wherever.” The fact is that ANYTIME you become ill, your illness is related to the strength of your immune system.
There is a saying that applies to this situation:

“Hide the greatest of Secrets neither on the highest mountain nor in the deepest ocean. Hide these Secrets right in front of someone, because it is the last place they will look.”

People look outside themselves all the time for solutions. People tend to give their power away by relying on a one dimensional source for their health solutions. Our goal is to empower you with proven knowledge and products that will help you enjoy life to its fullest.

The Ionic Body Balancer is one of those healthy alternatives that simply makes sense because in this case the cleaner your body, the better you function.

We all want optimum and vibrant health. If your body is toxic, you are well on your way to an unpleasant future!!

Aging is inevitable, but growing old is a choice.

Detoxification Indicators 
There are several factors that influence how the water will react as it becomes stimulated by the Ionic field generated by our Ionic Body Balancer unit. First and foremost all water is different in its mineral and chlorine content. Also the pH of municipal water varies. As you prepare your session keep in mind these factors and other chemical reactions including how much salt you add to the water, the pH of your skin and internal organs all have an effect on how the water will react when you detoxify.

What does the changing color of the water mean?

Keep in mind that no matter how many questions people have regarding the color changes of the water, you are providing tremendous benefits to your entire body. The Ionic field that our Ionic Body Balancer generates is undeniably beneficial.

Regardless of the colors, questions and controversy you may see and hear, keep in mind that the Ionic field is beneficial. Ionic fields oxygenate the blood and plasma, they permit Lymphatic fluid to drain toxins and provide a feeling of well being.

The color charts that abound on the internet are very similar because there is a correlation between the colors seen in foot spa water and illnesses within the body.  It is important to keep in mind that correlation does not equate causation. We suggest keeping track of how well you are sleeping, whether your daytime activity levels rise or fall, and how you are feeling overall. We enjoy hearing that our product helps about 90% of our customers significantly within a short period of time. The remaining 10% are typically very healthy or very, very ill with lymph systems that are clogged from disease-related debris. We recommend at least 3-5 sessions to determine whether the unit will help you or not.  After all, does an antibiotic heal in one treatment? Does one session of physical therapy relieve years of back pain?

If you feel you need a “test,” run the unit without feet in the water. The water will slightly discolor (an orange-ish hue), but nothing will stick to your finger. Dip a rag in the water and wash it- it will come clean. Now, use the unit with your feet in the water. Dip your finger in the water after 45 minutes and you will notice that a greasy, sticky material will cling to your finger. Dip a rag in the water and it will remain stained after washing (even with bleach!). The greatest test of whether the machine works or not of course, is to use the machine several times and monitor how you feel for the next few days.

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~ Michael Horton, Owner

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Disclaimer:  This is NOT to be considered a “Medical Device” and no implication or claims are made regarding the healing of any medical problem. Important Warnings! People who have battery operated implants such as with pacemakers, defibrillators, cardiac patients or with other active medical devices should avoid use or seek the advice of their Physician before using this product. Pregnant women or nursing women should NEVER use this product! Children under the age of 12 should not use without parental consent and supervision. People who have low blood pressure should eat before use. Anyone who has received an organ transplant should NEVER use this type of product. People who suffer from severe heart disease that are on medication all the time should not use without the advice of their Physician. People who suffer from high blood pressure that are on medication all the time should not use without the advice of their Physician. After using the Ion-cleanse machine, supplement vitamins, minerals, fatty acid and other nutritional substances in order to improve the body metabolism and stimulate the body for self-detoxification. Do not touch power device while your hands are wet. Never submerge the power device under water, only the ionizer array goes into the water. Avoid striking the machine or dropping it in any way. LEGAL DISCLAIMER: THIS SYSTEM DOES NOT CLAIM TO CURE OR TREAT ANY DISEASE OR INJURY. IT ASSISTS YOUR BODY TO RE-BALANCE ITS BIO-ENERGY FIELDS AND STIMULATES THE BODY FOR SELF-DETOXIFICATION. THE BODY’S ORGANS WILL NATURALLY FUNCTION BETTER WHEN THE ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS ARE CHARGED WITH IONIC ENERGY. IF YOU HAVE ANY CONCERNS, PLEASE CONSULT A PHYSICIAN BEFORE USING THIS PRODUCT.

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  1. This is the worlds greatest invention. Mike, I’ve had the pleasure of talking to you on the phone a few times. I’m from milton ontario canada, I met you through Doc Tisa Mohammed. Your Machine continues to help me to this date. It saved my life! I’ll be ordering some back up supplies very soon. Stay safe and thanks for all you do!

    Frank Veal

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