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Basic User Manual Quick Guide for the Ionic Body Balancer™

1. Read this information before using the machine.

2. Buy a PLASTIC tub approximately 17” x 12” x 6” (or higher) at Wal-Mart for about five dollars, Sterilite brand works well, but any plastic tub of this size will suffice. Liners are not necessary for home use and optional, but the toxic material will stain the tub. Professionals use liners, which in the industry are nothing more than office size trash bags. This technology does NOT require any special tub. Metal tubs (including copper tubs) will destroy your power supply by shorting the sides of the array together.

3. Stand the array in the middle of the tub . Do NOT pick the array up by the cables, this can cause the terminals to loosen. (See User Manual)

4. Place about 1/4 TEASPOON of salt in the tub to start and fill with hot water (as hot as can be tolerated) to the top of the array’s bars (see picture). 

5. Plug the power supply into a surge protector and place the unit AWAY from the tub so it cannot fall into the water (why the cables are 5 feet long). Dropping appliances connected to the wall into water can be fatal. The current coming from wall is called “Alternating Current” or “AC”. The current generated by the power supply is “Direct Current” or “DC”, which is harmless (think flashlight batteries).

6. Plug the gold cable connectors into the color coded ports on the power supply. Do NOT remove the plugs by pulling on the cables. Do not submerge the cables into the tub. This will cause corrosion.

7. Place the tub containing the water, salt, and array so that your feet may rest in it comfortably while you are seated, with the array between your feet. You will also want to have an old towel on hand to dry your feet after your session. The materials released in the water from cleanse WILL stain fabric and carpet.

8. Turn on the power supply, sit back and relax, enjoying your session. Within minutes a vigorous fizzing should take place around ONE SIDE of the array. If fizzing does not occur, add additional salt (around the array) by adding dashes up to  1/2 TEASPOON MAX total. If the power supply becomes hot to the touch you have used too much salt and should change water. Note: This technology does not work well using cold water.

9. Reminder: If the power supply becomes hot to the touch, you have too much salt in the water! If you feel a tingling around the water line, you may have used too much salt. You are not being shocked or harmed if this sensation occurs. Try adding one cup hot water to dilute the tub water and relieve any discomfort, or change water.

10. After use, clean your array PROPERLY. Directions for cleaning may be found HERE. Failure to clean the array properly will substantially shorten the life of the array.

NOTE: This machine process can cause a substantial amount of acid to be released from the body. In a small percentages of users, this may cause a temporary rash on feet and ankles following a treatment. If this occurs, discontinue use, wash feet with soap and treat with calamine lotion until the condition clears.


Do NOT bump or hit the red and black cable terminals on the front of the power supply unit. These can easily break off, which is NOT covered under the warranty.
We suggest the use of a Surge Protector with the machine to protect it from power surges. Analog machines can easily be damaged by even minor power surges. Not using a surge protector VOIDS the warranty.
NOTE to users in North America:  With analog power supplies, the higher the saline content the more power is pulled from the power supply.

This technology is affected by body mass. A small person cannot comfortably tolerate as much power as a large person, and therefore needs to add LESS salt to the water and less time in the foot bath. If you feel a biting, uncomfortable tingling when using the machine, you are likely using too much salt in the water. Too much salt added to the water can burn out your power supply which VOIDS the warranty.

Do NOT use with a metal tub, doing so will cause the power supply to short circuit and burn it out, which is NOT covered under your warranty. The two sides of our array are separated by plastic spacer so that the “connection” between the two is through the water action. Placing the array onto a metal tub will cause the array to short out the power supply
NOTE:  Our machine is not recommended for use by children under 100 pounds, or under the age of 12 without parental  supervision (Please call if you have questions).

Disclaimer:  This is not a medical device and should not be considered as such. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any illness or disease condition.

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