Cleaning Your Array

The reason cleaning is so important, is that our machine can sometimes pull a lot of acid from the body. During the session, that acid becomes baked on the array plates. If it is not removed through proper cleaning, it will oxidize the stainless steel as the array sits in the air between sessions and your array will not last as long as it should..

“While stainless steel is corrosion RESISTANT (it is not corrosion proof), acid will eat through the metal and substantially decrease its life span. Cleaners such as vinegar do NOT remove the acid from the array, as vinegar itself is an acid. (Think back to the “volcano” science experiments many of us did in school, using baking soda and vinegar.) Only cleaners such as CLR or Lime-Away will remove the acid and mineral build-up from arrays after a session, which limits rusting/oxidation.”

— Ionic Body Balancer User Manual for more information

For demonstration purposes, we are using a new array.

You will probably want to rinse your array in tap water before cleaning. The detox residue material in the foot bath WILL stain carpet, and is likely to make linoleum or tile flooring VERY slippery!

You may also want to wrap the array (steel portion only) in an old rag to prevent drips. You can use the same rag you used to wipe off your feet after a treatment, if you’d like.

(Please note the absence of old toothbrushes, rags, vinegar, toothpaste, toothpicks, Q-tips, etc. from the photo above. You do not need them!)

1. You will need a reusable food storage container with lid (approximately 40 oz.- ours is 32 oz.), deep enough to submerge the array itself and a bottle of mineral/lime removing cleaner (approximately 15-20 oz. will be needed). We recommend CLR or Lime-Away, as it is easy to find. It will be in the household cleaning products section or any grocery store, drug store, or all-in-one store (such as Target, Walmart, K-Mart, Zeller’s, etc). If you live in a country (such as Australia) where CLR cannot be found, use a cleaning product formulated for removing mineral build-ups and rust from metal.

2. Fill your container about halfway with your cleaner.

3. Fill the rest of the container with water (tap water is fine!) You want a 50/50 mixture.

4.  Place the array into the food container so the solution is just over the top of the upper bar of the array. (Please note: there should not be ANY part of the cable, or the light-blue cable connectors touching the cleaning solution. Our cables are NOT designed to be submerged under water. They WILL corrode and rust!)

5. If needed, add more water until the top of the steel bars are submerged, adjust solution amount as necessary. Let the array soak in this solution for about 10 minutes.


6.  Rinse the array in tap water, dry it off thoroughly and put the lid on your food container, for future use. You can reuse the same cleaning solution over and over again! Your array is clean, and ready to go for your next treatment! For future cleanings, you need only repeat steps 4-6.

Best Wishes and Great Health!

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