Dear Mr. Horton;

My name is Paul Sayers, I must tell you I was a skeptic concerning your machine however Woody gave us 3 treatments and I must say everything he said it would do it did and some! especially for my wife!!!!

For years I could not sleep thru the night, my legs would ache and cramp, my energy level was low and I would tire easily. Also I have some physical problems concerning type II diabetes which mainly centers at my feet I couldn’t hardly walk, my feet would just throb and it felt like walking on sharp pointed nails.

I also had high blood pressure along with bad indigestion “acid reflux” and my lower legs would swell up.

I am very happy to say that this machine works!!!!

I am on my 10th treatment and I can sleep thru the night and I can actually stay on my feet all day. My blood pressure is at its lowest in 10 years and I am enjoying foods that were crossed of my list and the swelling in my legs have diminished greatly.

I am a firm believer in Detoxification inside and out your machine has made a believer out of this 73 year old skeptic.

— Paul Sayers, Lemon Grove, CA

Dear Mr. Horton,

My name is Catalina Sayers I am 63 year old Latino and I was introduced to your Detox machine by a friend of my husband. We took 3 treatments from Woody and I must tell you it has changed our life.

I was in a car accident several years ago and it left me with terrible headaches every day, the doctors said it was caused from nerve damage and trauma to my face and brain, I also have severe anxiety and varicose veins along with high blood pressure.

I am sending you this as a testimony and a witness to the amazing miracle of the Detox machine, I no longer have any of the above symptoms I have mentioned and I have not felt this good in 30 years.

Thank you Mr. Horton I now have a new life. PS I was raised on a farm and I could not believe all the toxins that have left my body and my joints quit hurting. I am also sending you this testimony in Spanish.

— Dr. Catalina Sayers, Lemon Grove, CA

(Original message before translation below…)

Estimado Sr. Horton,

Mi nombre es Catalina Sayers yo tengo 63 año Latino y yo me presenté a su máquina de Detox por un amigo de mi marido. Nosotros tomamos 3 tratamientos de Woody y yo debo decirle que ha cambiado nuestra vida. Yo estaba hace varios años en un accidente del automóvil y me dejó con los dolores de cabeza terribles todos los días, los doctores dijeron se causó del daño del nervio y trauma a mi cara y rompe la cabeza, yo también tengo ansiedad severa y las venas varicosas junto con la tensión arterial alta. Yo estoy enviándole esto como un testimonio y un testigo al milagro asombroso de la máquina de Detox, yo ya no tengo nada del symptons anterior yo he mencionado y yo no me he sentido este bueno en 30 años agradézcale Mr Horton yo tengo una nueva vida ahora. PS yo me levanté en una granja y yo no podría creer todas las toxinas que han dejado mi cuerpo y mis junturas dejaron de herir. Yo también estoy enviándole este testimonio en español.

Dear Mr. Horton,

My name is Daniel. I am 25 years old and have been a drug addict for years since high school. Thanks to your detox foot bath I am free of the symptoms of the debilitating after effects of the many drugs I was using.

I can now sleep through the night and I finally have an appetite. I can hold down food, I don’t have the muscle spasms and bad dreams anymore. I feel great and have energy again, no headaches, my mind is clear and your machine has given me a new lease on life.

I couldn’t believe all the stuff that came out of me. Within 48 hours I was so focused and felt so good I almost couldn’t believe it. I thank you and Woody for the new life I have.

Woody is a great mentor here at the ranch and you must be a great person because he said you are the one who donated this machine to help and it has changed my life now that I have one. Please let people know what this machine can do cause I will.

Thank you!

Daniel, San Diego, CA


I just wanted to tell you how the Ionic Balancer has worked for my family.

My husband has not been having near as much pain in his legs. He has degenerative bone disease, and the Ionic Balancer has helped him take less pain medicine.

My daughter in law has had bad swelling in her feet and legs for over 6 years. Nothing has helped. The swelling has greatly decreased after using the Ionic Balancer.

My mom is 94 has started getting out of bed and I am hopeful that she will get to come home. She cracked her tail bone about a month ago and sleeping all day in the nursing home until we started giving her treatments. She is now improving!

My grandson hurt his knee playing football. The swelling went down over night.

I had Lyme disease several years ago and I don’t feel like I ever recovered fully. I now have more energy. I really didn’t think I could continue working until I reached retirement age. Now I think I will make it.

My youngest daughter has severe depression and mood swings. Her first treatment lasted for about 5 days. On the seventh day she had another. She says this is the only thing that has helped her. She is a joy to be around now and if this was the only benefit to our family it would be priceless.

I am so happy I found your machine. Thanks!

Judy B., Sapulpa, OK

Hello Mr. Horton,

My name is Steven. I am 26 yrs old and have been a drug addict since I was 16. I have been in and out of rehabs for several years.

I have a wife and two wonderful children which I have missed a lot of special moments with. This week I can go home to my family. I am clean and free from all the garbage that has controlled my life thanks to God first and then to you Mr. Horton, as I received a blessing called detoxing from a foot bath that you sent to Woody.

He said it would change my life and it did.

For the first time in years I can sleep thru the night and my body doesn’t hurt. I don’t have any pain and I can keep my focus on the right things. I was skeptical at first, but your foot Detox machine works. Its a Miracle.

I have a new chance to make things right and I will,  thanks to you.

I asked woody to send you this and a picture of me Detoxing. I want people to know that there are Miracles every day cause I have had one in my life. I am spiritually and Physically clean.

Thank You. Please use this to help others.

Steven, San Diego, CA

Hello again, Michael.

Thanks for sending the new array. My compliments on the updated design — it eliminates the problem I encountered with the old one. The “O” loop connector just disintegrated in the water, and I had tried all sorts of fixes including spot-welding a copper washer to the cable. Nothing worked so I set it aside for more urgent home and health maintenance problems. I was waiting with bated breath to receive the array, since I haven’t used the unit for nearly 2 years. I’m suffering from old age now (accelerated approach to 70), having retired in 2008 when my project began a shutdown process. Right now I’m suffering from arthritis in the right knee (old football injury), sinus/allergy double-whammy from the incessant wind and dust, and a prostate cancer diagnosis. Here is my sad state of affairs: My chest rattles with phlegm from post-nasal drip. My brain is foggy and my legs shaky from the antihistamines and decongestants. The decongestants have elevated my already abnormally high blood pressure. My legs are swelling at the ankles from the BP medicine, and I have a slight limp when I first stand up from the arthritic knee.

I came across the old array on my benchtop in the garage, and decided to order a new one. I needed to refresh my memory of that “walking-on-air” euphoric feeling.

I must say I was not disappointed! I sank my feet into the water within 10 minutes of receiving the box and felt the benefits immediately. The tingle was a little uncomfortable at first, but I knew I would get used to it again. After about 8 minutes, I couldn’t see my toes for the opaque orange color, and at 10 minutes there was an audible “pop” in my right nostril, accompanied by an inrushing of air that seemed to cleared my mental fogginess. The left nostril cleared with a big sneeze 20 minutes into the treatment. It was a good thing I had the ever-present tissue nearby, because a nasal flood followed and lasted for over an hour. Both nostrils are now clear.

I let the unit run for 40 minutes, hoping to get maximum benefit from the first treatment — and I finally saw the lime green color indicating prostate issues. I don’t have the cancer anymore (long supernatural story), but tests did confirm the enlargement problem still exists. I’m hoping these treatments will help alleviate the congestion that the doctors said was a likely contributor to the inevitable growth. When I got up to step out of the Roman tub, I noticed my ankle swelling subsided, no stiffness in my right knee, and I don’t limp anymore!

By the way, in my initial brain fogginess and haste, I forgot to put salt in the water. It worked anyway (you should have seen the turbulence), so I know I can use less salt and lessen corrosion on the array.

Thanks for an excellent, powerful product! Now that my memory is restored, I’ll make sure I do it right next time.

An update, 3 days later:

Hello, Michael.

Sorry I’m just reading this, but I’ve been busy whittling down a “honey-do” list I was previously only able to stare at. I feel alive again, and my wife finally tried the Ionic Balancer once she saw the change in my disposition. We’re BOTH working on the honey-do list. We had two laborers preparing our back yard for sod (again) today, and we felt so good we couldn’t resist joining in.To answer your question, sure, you can post it on the web site. My limp has NOT returned and the results of the second treatment (with salt) immediately showed that it is working on the prostate issues. I’m looking forward to a further betterment of my condition.

John, Houston, TX

Positive 10 plus, amazing detox machine, fast shipping!
— Ed S.   San Diego, CA
WOW! Works better than Chiro’s 4k one! Seller is greatest!!
— Michael G.   Sherman, TX
Perfect–Quality Items–Top Notch Seller–Do Not Hesitate to Buy!!
— Wallace M.   Middle Village, NY
Excellent product, as good as the $1500 items. Highly recommended!! Thanks!!!!
— Lonnie W.   Hatfield, AR
— Karen S. Northridge, CA
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3 thoughts on “Testimonials”

  1. Hi Michael
    Firstly I want to say just how phenomenal your customer service is – the absolute best – and your site is also superb with plenty of valuable information.

    It is a month since I received the compact and user friendly machine and although only 3 of us have used it we are all very pleased with the results. We feel cleaner, have more energy and feel more relaxed and less stressed.

    One person has Morgellon’s disease and a chronic wound on his ankle so he can only put his hands in the water but it has clearly drawn hives of nano particles to the surface of both his hands and his ankle and calf, where the problem really is.

    We highly recommend that people buy an Ionic Balancer, especially given the increasingly toxic world we now live in.

    Best wishes to you and your team and may you go from strength to strength!
    Juliet C (South Africa)

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