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All of our Ionic Body Balancers and accessories are MADE IN AMERICA of the finest materials we can buy. Some even have gold plating! Except for the Power units, and high tech machining required for the Nautical Grade Stainless Steel components, OUR SYSTEMS are HAND MADE.

The cables use 12 gauge O2 free Copper wire and 24k Gold plated “Banana Plugs” for maximum electrical conductivity. Our Ionizing Arrays are made from high grade Stainless Steel and Nylon. No other Detox Systems made have the Craftsmanship ours do. Our people are very experienced, and do great work. One of them is from Germany and did assembly work for BMW!

Shop with confidence! Our American customer service team based in Tucson, AZ,  is happy to assist with anything you might need, whether it is before, during, or after your purchase. We do everything we can to ensure your online transaction is simple, secure, and quick. Our business hours are M-F, 9:00 am-3:30 pm MST time. Call us at 520-330-2686 or email us at for Customer Service or shipping costs to Canada or overseas. We ship to Australia frequently.


The Compact System’s power supply has essentially the same in power level as the Pro Systems unit, but it is smaller and lighter, great for travel. The MAX Arrays have more surface area than our Classic Arrays and generate more Negatively charged Ions and was designed to meet the needs of people who want the deepest detox possible.

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