Pro Detox System w/ MAX 4 Plate Array

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Pro System with our MAX Array is the most powerful detox machine on the market. Period!

This system uses our powerful Professional Power Unit, with a MAX “Quad” Array (contains 2 bars + 2 inner “MAX” plates + 2 “Turbo” plates). Perfect for when you want a deeper detox experience or weigh over 200 lbs. Not recommended for persons under 100 pounds and/or under 12 years of age. For people under age 12 between 110 and 200 lbs  we recommend our Pro Classic Array System

Includes: One (1) 1 Controller unit (11 amp), One (1)  MAX ionizer array, One (1) laminated Quick Start Guide with a Detox material Color Chart, One (1)  shaker Redmond Mineral Salt from the Wasatch Mountains in Utah, and a sample packet of Emergen-C electrolyte mix.

Made in the USA and our Customer Service is here too! 

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Disclaimer:  This is not a medical device and should not be considered as such. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any illness or disease condition.