How much salt is enough? How much is too much? Can I use any salt, or do I have to use the salt you provide?

We recommend starting with several DASHES of salt (if you are using sea salt). You should see a fairly vigorous amount of bubbling at the top of the array. If you are not seeing this, then use up to 1/4 teaspoon of salt, not more than 1/2 teaspoon.

If you have a tingling sensation around your ankles, when you turn on the machine, you have too much salt and you need to turn off the unit, remove some of the water, and replace it with fresh (warm/hot) water to reduce the salinity of the water. Follow the above salt amount recommendations.

You can use ANY kind of salt you wish, other than iodized salt. Table salt, Kosher salt, Sea Salt are all perfectly acceptable. A word of caution:  due to variability in the size of different types of salt (sea salt is a physically larger grain than table salt), you may need to add LESS salt if you are using table salt. 
Due to variability in local water supplies, as well as each person’s sensitivity to the Ionic Body Balancer™, more or less salt may be necessary. Salt is required for the detoxification process to happen – salt is what drives the chemical reaction in the foot spa water that creates the ions in the water.
*** Too much salt over many treatments can create a drain on the power supply and cause it to short out.
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