What is the difference between replacing an entire array and only replacing the ionizer plates?

The ionizer plates are part of the array. They can be easily replaced after about 40 treatments, and cost $42.50 per pair of plates, with free shipping, within the United States. You can order new Turbo Plates (ionizer plates) on our website. You will only need to replace a single plate at a time, since only one side of the array will deteriorate. Replacing only a ‘worn’ Turbo Plate will extend the life of your array by an additional ~35-40 sessions and then replace the worn plate again (totaling about several 100+ total sessions).

Once the steel bars on the outside of the array deteriorate significantly, you will need to replace the entire array.

If you are unsure of the wear, you can text us pics of the array and let us take a look, 520-330-2686.

Category: 1. Care and Maintenance