The Dyna Chi Ionizing Array – What Is It?

This is a Stainless Steel device to generate Negative Ions in Detox Foot Spa machines. Unlike every other Ion Generator in every other detox foot spa manufactured as of 6/1/08, this device actually creates a flow/stream in the spa water. More accurately, it used Aerodynamic Principles in its Design to accomplish this.

Array 9.5

The result is the spa water develops a Negative Ionic Charge much faster, allowing for a faster and deeper detox session. Vortices are actually created and visible in the water.

The developer of this device, Casas Adobes Design of Tucson, Arizona has licensed Dyna-Chi International to sell it in their Dyna-Chi Detox Spas and their Ionic Body Balancer machines.

I can tell you from personal experience that this device works better than the standard ring type Ionizers used in most of these devices. A third type of ionizer used in the industry is a “W” shaped metal plates which are made in Communist China from scrap metal. That design pales in comparison, as do the ring type ionizers compared to the Dyna-Chi™ Array.


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