Array Assembly

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 For demonstration purposes, we are using a new array. Please note: NO TOOLS REQUIRED! Our inspiration for the the array (pictured below), was durability and ease of assembly.

1. Start by making sure that your work space is clear of any other papers, cords, paperclips, crayons, etc.

2. Remove the cable ends from the array. To do this, firmly grasp the blue connector with your fingers and use a side-to-side wiggle and pulling motion. DO NOT PULL ON THE CABLE! The blue cable connector should detach from the ends of the turbo plates easily. You may hear 2-3 clicks from each connector. (Try to avoid bending the part of each turbo plate that sticks up above the rest of the array. If they get bent, gently bend them back.)

3. Loosen and remove the nylon wing nuts by unscrewing in a counter-clockwise direction (remember: righty-tighty, lefty-loosey).

4. Remove the steel bars and the turbo plate. If you are replacing this plate, discard it (it can be recycled, if your municipal recycling program accepts scrap steel), and proceed to step #8.

5. If you are replacing the other plate, continue. Remove both nylon spacers. 

6.  If you are replacing this turbo plate, do so now. (You can discard the old plate with your regular recycling, if your local recycling facility accepts scrap steel.) If you are replacing a broken bolt (occasionally, they will crack during shipping), now is the time to do so.

7. Replace the turbo plate, and slide the spacers back on (one per each nylon bolt).  It is very important that the spacers are BETWEEN the turbo plates. This prevents a short-circuit in your controller unit during spa sessions.


8.  Slide on the second turbo plate. Make sure that the “arm” of one turbo plate is on the right, and one “arm” is on the left. In other words, the plates should mirror each other. If yours doesn’t look like mine, take off a plate, flip it around, and put it back on.

9. Slide on the second set of bars. Note that there should be two bars above the bolts, and three below. The vertical bars should be facing you, not the horizontal bars. If you are seeing horizontal bars, then the bar is on backwards, just turn it over.

10. Screw on the wing nuts, but do not tighten completely!

11. Stand up the array on a flat surface. Place the palms of your hands on either side of the array. If your hands are not straight, then the array is not straight. You should be able to wiggle the array until the sides are even. 

12. Tighten the wing nuts finger tight, do not overtighten.

13.  Re-connect your cable. Use the same side-to-side wiggle motion as before to push each terminal back onto the turbo plate. You will likely hear 2-3 clicks as it slides onto the array. This is normal. To make sure the cable is securely attached, look through the clear plastic at the end of each cable. The turbo plate should be flush with the end of the terminal.

The parts of your array in order should be:

bar – plate – spacer – plate -bar 

You should now have a re-assembled, fully-functioning array. Go ahead, pat yourself on the back!

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