Do you ship to countries other than the US? Can I use your system in other countries?

Yes, we ship internationally to most countries. At this time, the website is not setup for international shipping so you will need to contact us directly either via email ( or phone 520-219-2550 for a shipping quote.

This system was designed for the North American power grid, which operates on 120 volts. To use this system in a country outside of North America, we ship a different power supply unit than shown in our pictures/descriptions that works for 110-240V so you will not need a step-down transformer. 

This option is ONLY available as either the Ionic Body Balancer Classic, one array or Ionic Body Balancer Classic, two arrays systems.

Don’t know the voltage of your country’s power grid? You can find it listed at: Electricity Around the World. There are a handful of countries outside North America that also use 110-120 volts, such as Japan and Venezuela.

In most cases, shipping is approximately $69.95 to $79.95 depending upon location.