How Fast Will I Detox?

Everyone will detox at different rates. At the end of your session, the total amount of “gunk” in your foot spa water is only a representation of the total detox that your body will undergo. The detox you will experience happens inside your body through your lymphatic and endocrine systems over the following 2-3 days.

The Ionic Body Balancer™ kick-starts your lymphatic system, which ultimately empties into your Excretory System. (The function of your lymph and lower GI tract is to rid the body of waste.) Because of this, you may feel the effects of the detox system for several days following each treatment. However, each person is different; some people will not experience any side-effects, while others will.

You should allow 24-48 hours between using the Ionic Body Balancer™ as opposed to using every day, be sure to supplement your increased water intake with a good electrolyte mix, such as Emergen-C. (NOTE: The ionic foot spa process does NOT remove beneficial minerals/vitamins from your body!)

If you are having healing reactions (search: Herxheimer Effect), cut back your use of the Ionic Body Balancer™ to every other day, twice per week, or once per week until your reactions have subsided. There are some good article on the Herxheimer Effect. The clinic that published the original articles specializes in treatment for Lyme Disease, but the Herxheimer Effect applies to many different types of illness and both healing and detox in general.

This is the same principle as taking many doses of an antibiotic over a period of time, versus swallowing one really big pill; as bacteria and the other “bad guys” in your body die and are otherwise eliminated, they can give off chemicals and other materials that are toxic to us (this is how many infectious-based neurotoxins work, at a very basic level). If you kill too many bacteria and other parasites at once, you are likely to feel worse than you did at the start!! By working on the problem slowly and steadily, you are less likely to experience the headaches, fatigue, joint pain, and other symptoms. It also guarantees that everything you are seeking to rid your body of will be eliminated.

That said, to fully detoxify your body, you must also eliminate any potential toxins from your diet and living environment. That includes (but is not limited to) smoke, diet (meat treated with antibiotics, steroids, etc., chemical preservatives and additives, artificial sweeteners, etc.), poor quality water, unnecessary medications, and bad stress. Good stress is having to work to pay your mortgage or to save for a vacation. Bad stress is allowing a micro-managing supervisor drive you nuts!

Some people will experience detox in stages. What does this mean? For an individual with arthritis, the first signs of relief may come from decreased arthritis pain. After using the system for a few weeks, this individual may start to see more brown in their water, rather than orange (arthritis). Perhaps this person used to smoke half a pack of cigarettes per day for several years, but has been smoke-free for many years. Why didn’t the brown (lungs) show up at the same time? The body had more pressing issues to resolve.

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