What do the colors in my water after a session mean?

The table below is widely available on the internet and used by ALL makers of ionic detox machines, used by many different companies who manufacture similar systems. The chart is accurate for any detox foot bath that utilizes water ionization. If you have previously purchased a system from one of our competitors and have yet to see these colors in your foot spa water, try our system. You may be surprised at what you see!

We regularly receive phone calls and emails asking why there is still color change in the foot spa water after it is run by itself; the reason for this has to do with the laws of Thermodynamics and how water ionization process works. 

When energy is set into motion (turning the system on, current flow into the water through the array), it has no choice but to continue in that movement, until an outside force is acted upon it, causing the energy to cease (turning the system off). While that energy is in motion, it must do something. What does it do? Reacts with all of the minerals that may be in your water (or salt, if it has been added), from suspension in the water. The resulting color change is a light orange color. The material in the water is just water, not toxins. If you dip your finger (or a rag) in this water, nothing will stick to it, it is just water. Trying the same thing after you’ve had your feet in the water and your finger (or rag) will be pretty effectively coated in muck. If you are using a rag, it will continue to be stained, no matter how many times you may wash it.

The colors changing in the water are a representation of the conditions that may be present in your body while doing a session. Similar to how EKG/EEG are showing conditions in the heart/brain. 

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