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Turbo Insert Plate for Dyna-Flow Ion Generating Arrays

This item is a component in the Dyna-Chi™ Ion Generating Array.

Turbo Plate 9.5

It has three (3) purposes. First, it is brushed by a belt polisher machine in such a way as to create millions of peaks and valleys which increase the surface area where Ionization can take place. hence the word “Turbo” in its name.

Secondly, it reduces wear on the Anode side of the Array’s outer bars.

Finally, its tabs allow for connections to the cables that connect it to the power unit of the Dyna-Chi™ and Ionic Body Balancer BEFE (Bio-Electric Field Enhancement) Water Energy machines, which gor far past ordinary detox foot spas.

This item is on both the Anode and Cathode side of the array, but only the Anode plate needs to be changed every 25-30 treatments. Changing it does NOT require tools and takes about one minute. That may sound often, but given the systems it works with are 200-600% more powerful than any other detox foot spas on the market, 35 treatments with them is more like 100 with the Brand X systems.