What is Ionic Detox?

Two of the questions we hear on a regular basis are, “What is Ionic Detox,” and “Does it actually work?”

“Ionic Detox” generally refers to electric machines that generate a small current of ions (this current must be positive) that are then introduced into the body. This current is usually introduced into the body through a bath of saltwater; saltwater is the medium for the transport of ions as distilled water does not conduct electricity or current. Digital machines typically use a waist band or wrist strap to ground the user to the machine to force current into the body. We feel that this is inherently unsafe. Analog machines are a more efficient way to introduce these ions because the current is freely accepted by the body and does not need to be forced in. There are, of course, other products that claim to achieve ionic detox, such as adhesive foot pads and even dietary supplements!

The idea is that the body will use this current to help itself. Every cell in our bodies use an electrical charge and a little bit of chemistry to move nutrients in and waste out. Our cells use a tiny electrical charge to make our muscle cells contract and relax. Our nerve cells rely on electrical signals to transmit chemical information. Without an electrical signal, our bodies would not live. For many people this assist also means detoxification from the constant assault of chemical residue our bodies absorb from  flame retardants, fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, vehicle exhaust, preservatives, and all other manner of things that are not found in nature on their own. This list, of course, is not in any way comprehensive, although you may be surprised to know exactly how much of the “chemical residue” from this short list that we unknowingly absorb in our homes between dinner and bedtime alone.

The only reason these machines work is because they are an ASSIST to the body’s natural healing abilities, just like many medications (antibiotics come to mind immediately), physical therapies (aquatic physiotherapy, massage therapy), and good nutrition (fruits and veggies to help the body fight free radicals). Your body is able to freely pull in this ionic current and use this extra energy however it can. For some, this might mean stimulating the immune system to fight a cold or virus. For others, it may mean stimulating the lymph system to clear inflammation. Because each body is different, each body will use this extra energy differently. What is pretty uniform is that everyone who uses this machine sleeps very soundly the night after a session. Immediately following a session, about half of all users will feel a calm, invigorating energy that may inspire them to tackle a long-awaited project of some sort while the other half experiences a calm, soothing response that typically inspires a nice long afternoon nap.

We see the “information” presented on the web and by word-of-mouth from our customers and dealers regarding the claims that this technology is scam fairly regularly. What we find interesting is that none of the people propagating these claims ever seem to contact us directly with their concerns. From the information we’ve gathered over the last five years, we can pretty safely establish that these people fall into one (sometimes two but very rarely three) of three categories:

1. Have watched a video or read an article online claiming that these units do not work, or have spoken with someone (sometimes of some authority but usually not) who believes these do not work, usually because they do not understand how the technology works, falsely assuming that these machines detox the entire body simply through the feet. This is untrue. The energy produced by these machines is introduced into the body through the reflexology points in the soles of the feet and is then distributed throughout the body via Energy Meridians. The color change you see in the spa water is a small fraction of what is happening in the body.

2. Have purchased a unit (usually a low-power, cheap unit out of China- these sell on eBay for $150-$300, sell at trade shows for $900-$1500, and wholesale for $49 – no, NOT a typo!), ran it without actually using it OR have used it once without feeling significantly different or seeing any color change in their water.

3. Have purchased a unit, sometimes of low quality, sometimes of higher quality) or have paid for a session or two (usually have paid a lot of money for these sessions), from a practitioner or distributor, expecting miraculous results in a very short period of time. For example, “This is going to cure my cancer, insomnia, infertility, arthritis, etc., in five sessions or less- I just KNOW it!” When the product fails to meet these unrealistic expectations, they decide that the whole thing is a scam and nothing more. What I find a little frustrating about this is that despite the fact that someone might say, “I did sleep a little better after each treatment, but I still have ________ problem, so I don’t think it’s doing anything at all.” The success rate of traditional chemotherapy is about 13%; by this logic, chemotherapy (and about 90% of other allopathic therapies) is a scam as well!

If this technology really doesn’t work, then thousands of our customers (as well as thousands of our competitors’ customers around the globe) must simply be delusional. If there’s nothing to this, then why does Erchonia offer a model for the low, low price of $2,995.00?? (Erchonia produces lasers for use in therapies and medical procedures; they aren’t exactly what you might call a “fly by night,” outfit.) Since the Ionic Body Balancer entered the market in 2007 at $795, many of our competitors, including Erchonia, have dropped their prices significantly due to our competition. Six months ago, the Erchonia EB Pro sold for $3,995.


It’s easy to get caught up in rhetoric and loud voices in just about any topic, but our health seems to be a particular hot spot for most folks. Have a chronic illness? Suddenly everyone’s a doctor. Trying a new diet or fitness regime? Everyone’s a critic.  Working on a big decision? Everyone has an opinion on what you should do, and that opinion isn’t always right for you. While we certainly need to make prudent choices when it comes to our health, those decisions are ultimately our decisions to make, not someone else’s.  So, what do you look for when seeking a quality product?

1. Visit the manufacturer’s website. The website should be easy to navigate, information easy to find, and the manufacturer should clearly be proud of their product. If the manufacturer cannot give clear, glowing praise of their product, you may want to look elsewhere. The Ionic Body Balancer has always been a labor of love for us. We are very proud to have a high power system that is not only safe and effective, but also very unique in design, operating at twice the power of the Erchonia EP Pro.

2. Is there a customer service number listed? If so, give it a call. Any customer service representative who answers should be able to give you clear, concise information about the product. If they seem disinterested in your request for information about the product, look elsewhere. If your customer service representative is taking their time to answer your questions and talk to you before you’ve made a purchase, it’s a good sign. Ask about how warranties and returns are handled. How does the company respond if you think you may have a defective product? Do they charge for customer service calls once you’ve made your purchase? Sadly, this last point is becoming very common. We NEVER charge for customer service calls and we never will! We’ve always offered unlimited customer service for the life of the product; the addition of a toll-free number this spring truly makes the call free. We held off on adding this feature because we didn’t want an automated phone system. We hope that our system is simple enough for our customers that is is a positive instead of a negative experience.

3. Read as many reviews of the product as you can. Again, if the manufacturer is proud of their product, they will have a variety of customer reviews listed on their website and possibly even a social networking site where customers are free to post feedback about the product as well. If you know someone how has the product you’re looking at, ask them about it- Is it easy to use? How does it work? How often do they use it and why? How often do parts need to be replaced? Would they be willing to let you try their machine? Our customers always seem to be more than happy to share their experiences with our machine with their friends, family, and co-workers. Our customers are not paid for their reviews and testimonials and they are frequently unsolicited- we simply receive praise for the Ionic Body Balancer in our inboxes! If we choose to use a testimonial on our website (especially if it is lengthy) we send a free array or Turbo Plates to the customer as a thank you.

I hope this information has been helpful; you can expect a new blog post each week. Remember, if you ever have any questions or comments for us, please send us an email (service@ionicbalancer.com), give us a call (855-MAX-DTOX /855-629-3869), talk to us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/ionicbalancer), or leave a comment below.

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