How do I clean my array?

Please check your user manual under “Cleaning Your Array” or click here for step-by-step photo directions.

***** Do NOT use a toothbrush, wire brush, scour pads, Q-tips, or any other sort of instruments to clean your array as this will cause excessive destruction of the array. Just soak your array in the CLR mixture for about 10 minutes, rinse, dry and store with your power unit and foot tub. Use caution that you do not get the cables wet when soaking the array as this will cause the cables to begin to corrode (turn green).

You do NOT need to take your array apart to clean it. If you have questions about this after reading the User Manual and following the above link, email us at or call us at 520-330-2686.

What do the colors in my water after a session mean?

The table below is widely available on the internet and used by ALL makers of ionic detox machines, used by many different companies who manufacture similar systems. The chart is accurate for any detox foot bath that utilizes water ionization. If you have previously purchased a system from one of our competitors and have yet to see these colors in your foot spa water, try our system. You may be surprised at what you see!

We regularly receive phone calls and emails asking why there is still color change in the foot spa water after it is run by itself; the reason for this has to do with the laws of Thermodynamics and how water ionization process works. 

When energy is set into motion (turning the system on, current flow into the water through the array), it has no choice but to continue in that movement, until an outside force is acted upon it, causing the energy to cease (turning the system off). While that energy is in motion, it must do something. What does it do? Reacts with all of the minerals that may be in your water (or salt, if it has been added), from suspension in the water. The resulting color change is a light orange color. The material in the water is just water, not toxins. If you dip your finger (or a rag) in this water, nothing will stick to it, it is just water. Trying the same thing after you’ve had your feet in the water and your finger (or rag) will be pretty effectively coated in muck. If you are using a rag, it will continue to be stained, no matter how many times you may wash it.

The colors changing in the water are a representation of the conditions that may be present in your body while doing a session. Similar to how EKG/EEG are showing conditions in the heart/brain. 

How quickly can I expect my order to arrive?

We ship the majority of our orders through USPS Priority Mail Service. Generally, you can expect your order to arrive about 2-3 business days (within the US) after we receive your order. International orders are shipped via USPS Priority International Mail and can take 9-15 days to arrive, depending on the speed of the customs process, and how quickly we can process your order once payment is received. We try to ship all of our orders on the same day or next business day regardless of destination.

If you have specific questions about your shipment, please contact us at: or call us at 520-330-2686. Please include your name (used for the purchase, credit card), an approximate purchase date and the product purchased in order to make it easier to find your order.

Do you ship to countries other than the US? Can I use your system in other countries?

Yes, we ship internationally to most countries. At this time, the website is not setup for international shipping other than to Canada, so you will need to contact us directly either via email ( or phone/text 520-330-2686 for a shipping quote.

This system was designed for the North American power grid, which operates on 110 volts. To use this system in a country outside of North America, please order the Compact Systems that works for 100-240V so you will not need a step-down power transformer/convertor. You will however need a plug end adapter for your connection plug.

Don’t know the voltage of your country’s power grid? You can find it listed at: Electricity Around the World. There are a handful of countries outside North America that also use 100-120 volts, such as Japan and Venezuela.

In most cases, shipping is approximately $69.95 to $79.95 depending upon location.

What is the difference between replacing an entire array and only replacing the ionizer plates?

The ionizer plates are part of the array. They can be easily replaced after about 40 treatments, and cost $42.50 per pair of plates, with free shipping, within the United States. You can order new Turbo Plates (ionizer plates) on our website. You will only need to replace a single plate at a time, since only one side of the array will deteriorate. Replacing only a ‘worn’ Turbo Plate will extend the life of your array by an additional ~35-40 sessions and then replace the worn plate again (totaling about several 100+ total sessions).

Once the steel bars on the outside of the array deteriorate significantly, you will need to replace the entire array.

If you are unsure of the wear, you can text us pics of the array and let us take a look, 520-330-2686.

How long will my array last? What should I look for before ordering a new array?

Your array should last approximately several 100+ sessions before needing to be replaced. Wear of the array depends upon several factors such as how salt is added to the water and how toxic the person is who is doing the sessions.

The Turbo Plates (where cable attaches) should last approximately 30-60 sessions before needing to be replaced.

The series of photos below are of a single array that has recently been replaced. This array was sent to us by a customer for demonstration purposes. This is what we mean when we say that one side of the array will lose material to the other side! The other obvious change is that the bars and plates have lost their sharp angles- every edge on the array has become more rounded, compared to when it was new.

You can extend the life of your entire array by switching the gold plugs at the level of the power supply every other treatment. The gold plugs on your array cable are marked with either a red band, or a black band. These correspond to the red and black plugs on your power unit.  (Session #1, red-red, black-black; Session #2, red-black, red-black; Session #3, red-red, black-black, etc.)

There is not a single part of your array that really cares what type of energy it is receiving. We use the same batch of Turbo Plates for both sides of the array; all our cables come off the same spool of wire, and all of our steel bars are made exactly the same way. The metal parts and insulators in our arrays don’t know the difference between positive and negative current- it is completely safe to plug a gold plug labeled as “red” into the “black” plug on the power unit, due to the design of our array. The only thing that “reversing” the plugs does is change the current flow direction through the array. Reversing the flow direction DOES NOT create “positive” ions.

Why Does One Side of the Array Wear Faster Than the Other?

During a session, one side of the array acts like an anode and the other as a cathode. Therefore, one side of the array will actually lose material to the other side over time (this process is also known as electroplating).

You may see “pitting” of the bars on each array, on one side only. The “pitting” that you see is where the anode side is losing material to the cathode side of the array.

Eventually, this is why the entire array will need to be replaced. Our 10th generation array is designed to withstand this phenomenon and extend the life of the array and Turbo Plates by allowing the user to replace parts in less than 15 minutes without tools. For step-by-step directions on this process, click here.

How Fast Will I Detox?

Everyone will detox at different rates. At the end of your session, the total amount of “gunk” in your foot spa water is only a representation of the total detox that your body will undergo. The detox you will experience happens inside your body through your lymphatic and endocrine systems over the following 2-3 days.

The Ionic Body Balancer™ kick-starts your lymphatic system, which ultimately empties into your Excretory System. (The function of your lymph and lower GI tract is to rid the body of waste.) Because of this, you may feel the effects of the detox system for several days following each treatment. However, each person is different; some people will not experience any side-effects, while others will.

You should allow 24-48 hours between using the Ionic Body Balancer™ as opposed to using every day, be sure to supplement your increased water intake with a good electrolyte mix, such as Emergen-C. (NOTE: The ionic foot spa process does NOT remove beneficial minerals/vitamins from your body!)

If you are having healing reactions (search: Herxheimer Effect), cut back your use of the Ionic Body Balancer™ to every other day, twice per week, or once per week until your reactions have subsided. There are some good article on the Herxheimer Effect. The clinic that published the original articles specializes in treatment for Lyme Disease, but the Herxheimer Effect applies to many different types of illness and both healing and detox in general.

This is the same principle as taking many doses of an antibiotic over a period of time, versus swallowing one really big pill; as bacteria and the other “bad guys” in your body die and are otherwise eliminated, they can give off chemicals and other materials that are toxic to us (this is how many infectious-based neurotoxins work, at a very basic level). If you kill too many bacteria and other parasites at once, you are likely to feel worse than you did at the start!! By working on the problem slowly and steadily, you are less likely to experience the headaches, fatigue, joint pain, and other symptoms. It also guarantees that everything you are seeking to rid your body of will be eliminated.

That said, to fully detoxify your body, you must also eliminate any potential toxins from your diet and living environment. That includes (but is not limited to) smoke, diet (meat treated with antibiotics, steroids, etc., chemical preservatives and additives, artificial sweeteners, etc.), poor quality water, unnecessary medications, and bad stress. Good stress is having to work to pay your mortgage or to save for a vacation. Bad stress is allowing a micro-managing supervisor drive you nuts!

Some people will experience detox in stages. What does this mean? For an individual with arthritis, the first signs of relief may come from decreased arthritis pain. After using the system for a few weeks, this individual may start to see more brown in their water, rather than orange (arthritis). Perhaps this person used to smoke half a pack of cigarettes per day for several years, but has been smoke-free for many years. Why didn’t the brown (lungs) show up at the same time? The body had more pressing issues to resolve.